29 August 2014

Comic Sans for Cancer is a fundraising campaign for Cancer Research. Designers were invited to create a poster ‘inspired’ by the font they love to hate.

By Ben Brookbanks


Our entry tells the story of an ‘everyday’ designer, who is deeply affected by his own Comic Sans ‘experience’ — but rather than let it defeat him, he discovers a new calling.

We loved being part of such an amazing, original initiative, and decided that we could spread the message even further by creating a shareable video ‘edit’ of our original idea.


Plenty of sweat and tears (of cringing laughter) went into the making of our poster, but apart from a bit of fun (and the potential of some publicity), we did it to help raise awareness and some more money for a great cause. So if you’ve got this far, please use the link below and help Cancer Research continue their own amazing work.


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The poster itself was a collaborative effort — after writing the story (yes, we can actually say that we are ‘storytellers’ now); developing characters; and sketching out a rough direction (during Friday afternoon studio beers), we went on a frantic search to find someone who could bring it all to life. Just over a week before the submission deadline.

Responding to a hugely speculative Tweet, Neil Edwards tentatively contacted the studio, and we immediately knew that our seed of an idea could become something special.

An artist for Marvel, DC Comics and many, many more famous names, Neil brought a flair and style to the poster that only a heavyweight professional comic book artist could deliver. ComicSansMan WOULD be coming to the Comic Sans for Cancer party.

Comic book legend

With not much more than a pencil, some inks and a steady supply of paper, our artist collaborator Neil Edwards, enjoys a career that allows him to ‘bring to life’ legendary characters that include (amongst many others) the well known (and Amazing) Spiderman and popular (‘Man of Steel’) Superman. You may or may not have heard of them.

Our original drawing — Neil’s ‘brief’

What the poster might have looked like without a pro comic book artist on our Comic Sans for Cancer team. And the pencil that started it all.

The campaign culminated in an exhibition and private view at the beautiful Proud Archivist gallery, bar and restaurant (go visit) — just minutes away from Hoxton (England), where our story is set.

Guests bought the one-off poster prints; beautiful, specially designed books (signed by Comic Sans mastermind and creator, Vincent Connare); and stacks of limited edition newsprint catalogues. They drank bubbles, then beer, and donated lots of cash. MultiAdaptor attendees alone bought several books and papers.

From over 500 entries, a shortlist of the very best designs were exhibited for a three day residency open to the general public. Picture by David Craik.

And the Comic Sans for Cancer story isn’t over yet. You can still enjoy the submissions online — enquire about (and maybe buy) posters, papers and the beautiful book — or simply donate something on the Just Giving Page. At the very least, and if you’re still reading this, you can contact the talented team behind it all and tell them well done; it was a very special thing and deserves to be celebrated. ‘It’s no joke’.


Comic Sans For Cancer website