Design Champions

The Design Council champion the UK’s world-renowned design industry, providing programmes that are dedicated to improving people’s lives through the use of design: helping to grow business, improve the built environment and transform public services.

Building the brand through experience design

Our brief was to design an exhibition system for the Design Council that could be used across the UK, to promote their services and raise awareness of their ambitious mission.

Our approach was to create a transportable brand experience — what it is like to engage with the organisation at their London headquarters; and also representative of the values that it stands for: exceptional design, craft and innovation, made in the UK. 

The idea

The ultimate 3D logo

We took the Design Council symbol, and transformed the iconic red square into the ultimate 3D logo — an arresting and intriguing one metre cube — a flat-pack transformer pop-up exhibition kit on wheels. 

Inside the box are custom-designed fold-down stools, a six-seat meeting table, poster display system, plinths, modular shelving, peg-boards, tablets and more. 

The Idea

Attract and engage

The box itself acts as a beacon, and provides a focal point for events. The size and form encourages informal standing conversations, while integrated box-top grooves allow for device ‘docking’ for personal browsing of Design Council content or face-to-face presentations. 

Bold messaging was designed to be friendly and approachable, while the ingenuity and theatre of the design provided the perfect ice-breaker in conversation. 


Concept and design: MultiAdaptor / 3D design and build: Jan Hendzel Studio / Special thanks: David Bruno, Evan Grant, Margarita Ktoris and Beth Gardner