When you’re worried about your health, people are anxious to get information, results and advice as quickly and as conveniently, as possible. Yet today, public services are increasingly stretched. And private alternatives are either too expensive or lack credibility in the eyes of consumers.

Brand idea

Health is at hand

Enter Fettle — a self-test health service, that brings the clinic to consumers through the convenience of their phone. It provides clear, simple home testing with support from clinical experts. It’s a fast, accessible, and affordable future-facing health service, designed for the digital age.

Brand personality

Putting people in control

Fettle is on a mission to put people in control of their health. And lessen the burden on publicly provided services in the process. It’s this idea of feeling in control, which sits at the heart of the brand — brought to life through a clear, calm visual language and a straight-talking, reassuring, and personable tone of voice. 

All the qualities you would expect from a real-life clinical experience.


An identity in fine fettle

At the centre of the brand is the universal identifier for health — the familiar plus symbol — with an ownable twist. A feature in the logo and broader graphic language, it communicates the nature of the service in a simple, and immediate way.

Designed to convey a reassuring feeling of warmth and wellbeing, the clean and consistent colour palette balances modern sophistication with a positive outlook. Typography feels clean and professional, but with an approachable accessibility.