Guardian Jobs is the Guardian’s job site, reaching over a million users each month. Although a core Guardian product, the Jobs team came to us to help find their own distinct brand voice in order to stand out alongside other Guardian products and stand apart from competing job sites.


  • With a couple of exceptions, the world of job sites is a fairly dull, generic and functional place.
  • Guardian Jobs’ candidates don’t all ‘hate Mondays’. They want to get more out of a job than a monthly pay packet. What they do is an expression of who they are and what they’re all about.
  • Some of the most progressive companies and much-loved cultural institutions post roles with the Guardian.


Brand idea — Inspiring careers

Guardian Jobs is more than just a job site. It’s about painting an aspirational picture of an alternative reality, reminding people of their deeper purpose and why they do what they do. Inspiring defines the roles that are posted and differentiates the candidates that apply, and sits at the heart of the brand.

Tone of voice — Positive, aspirational and direct 

Changing jobs can be stressful, but it also can be an exciting and life-changing event. Our positioning is about not focussing on the mundane aspects of jobs (searching, applications, CVs), instead playing up on the many positive benefits of furthering a career through a new role and motivating people to apply.


A spark of inspiration

Inspiring shows up in its simplest form as a simple graphic device — the Inspiration Spark. Born out of the Guardian’s Egyptian typeface, the Spark is used in a number of ways so it’s super flexible, integrating with type through to constructing and using as an illustrative asset.

An optimistic twist

As a core Guardian product, the Jobs colour palette is based around the brand’s core blues. This is contrasted with an accent yellow, to create a fresh, positive feel and valuable key identifier amongst other Guardian products. The balance of colour is flexible to help communications feel varied and fresh, while coherent.