Digital gold-dust at your fingertips

Think of Google and you think of Search. But businesses can also think ‘with’ Google, by using their innovative online marketing tools and services. As a strategic partner for brands and agencies, Google give their clients a cutting-edge digital-edge over their competitors. 

We were briefed to raise awareness of the Google business offer in the creative community by inspiring them to engage with the unique content served up by Google’s Think website. 


The idea

Your thinking + Google content 

Our idea was to highlight the creative possibilities of ‘thinking’ with Google. Using the humble pencil and notepad as a starting point, we literally connected two timeless symbols of the creative process to Google’s Think website content.

Marrying marketing and innovation

Our notepad had to be compact, and convincing. Conductive ink allowed us to interface with digital content using a pencil, but we wanted to avoid the expected ‘R&D’ aesthetic of cables and circuitry, and create something more human. 

To deliver on this ambition, key collaborator on the project, industrial designer Roland Ellis, developed the world’s-first conductive bookbinding glue, seamlessly connecting a circuit board to the printed-pages of our notepad; allowing us to create something beautifully humble and seemingly impossible. 

Digital experience

Insights, trends and inspiration: tailored for you

The digital experience is also designed to reflect the Google brand — something simple and helpful, but playful and innovative too. 

The audience is time-poor, so we made it faster to discover what’s relevant to them, by creating a bespoke ‘edit’ of content with a few ticks or clicks. The dashboard interface focuses the user on four content types: deck-ready stats, thought-leading articles, Google business tools, and inspiring video content. 

As well as using the notepad to filter content, users can also access the dashboard independently, while the presentation-style interface can be used in office environments and at events. 

The process

Collaborate to innovate 

To deliver such an ambitious idea, we brought together an expert team of technologists, engineers, industrial designers, fabricators, printers and programmers.

Every aspect, from the graphite in the pencil to the printed circuitry, was carefully designed, prototyped, tested, manufactured and assembled by the hand-picked team.

By blurring the lines between innovation and brand, the research and development process became as important as the end result, and the ‘making of’ My Edit reflects the playful mix of innovation and utility at the heart of Google.


Concept and design: MultiAdaptor / Industrial design and manufacture: Roland Elis / Technology and production: Artists & Engineers / Conductive print: Novalia / Print and packaging: Generation Press / Web development: Psycle / For Google: David Bruno, Calvin Lau, Graeme Standing, Gastón Tourn, Claudio Giordani, Andrea Ballardini / Film and edit: Rhys George / Special thanks: Marek Bereza, John Nussey