About Study UK

Delivered by the British Council as part of the GREAT Britain campaign, Study UK is a global campaign to promote the benefits of a British higher education overseas. The campaign is designed to attract the brightest and best students to the UK, while supporting the international ambitions of UK universities.

Brand strategy

Making a practical decision, emotional
Despite a world-class reputation, research showed that the UK was seen as a practical ‘safe bet’ rather than an exciting, inspirational choice. As a life-changing decision, students said they not only wanted a first-class education, but a unique experience too.

An increasingly competitive world, meant the UK needed to reposition itself in the hearts and minds of prospective students — tapping into their emotional needs, goals and motivations.

Brand idea

Study UK: Discover You
The Study UK brand is all about expressing the UK’s rich, diverse culture and progressive teaching environment.

Unlike any other country, the experiences, knowledge and confidence gained through studying in the UK inspires people to take their own path, and discover their future selves.

Brand image

An experience of life-changing learning
The brand idea is brought to life through a series of aspirational images, depicting students from around the world recalling their experience of studying in the UK.

Each image creates a vibrant, engaging, immersive world — reflecting the unique, diverse studying experience from all corners of the UK, while also providing a snapshot of British culture.

Brand toolkit

Modern British
A bold, vibrant colour palette, combined with a contemporary, yet quintessentially British typographic style, creates a sense of optimism, authority and gravitas, helping to reframe the traditional image of the UK.

MultiAdaptor developed a dynamic visual approach, backed up by their capability to roll it out across a large-scale, international campaign, at speed, and with the highest attention to detail
Head of communications GREAT Britain campaign